Advocate Diary

LawHerald.Org presents the most desirable and practical online case management solution for keeping track of all your cases listed daily in different forums and courts.

Mobile Friendly

This diary works seamlessly on your computer, laptop, smart phone and tablets. It means you can access your daily diary from anywhere on computer and smart phone all you need is an internet connection.

Cases with no next date

Many a times next date fixed in case is not noted in diary and one has to face consequences

This feature would inform you in how many cases the next date is not fixed so that you never miss any case and effectively manage your cases

History of Proceedings

This report gives detail of what happened on every date of case staring from filing till decision

This feature works as ready reference of timeline of case and this information can be effectively used in court and with clients


You can send SMS to client informing him next date fixed in his case without any extra charges.

This feature would save yours a lot of time in evening which is wasted in attending calls of clients and just informing them next date fixed. This feature would also create impact on your clients and add professionalism in services provided by you.

Search Case

Now, there is no need to search case only with previous date.

You can search any case by entering any of the details namely Case Title, case number, court name, judge name, stage, fixed for, client name and client phone number


All cases of a particular day can be sorted on basis of court name, judge name, position wise, junior advocate name, fixed for and client name.

This feature would ease the work of planning the visit to different courts thus saving your time and also effectively managing your cases.

Rush of Cases

This feature enables you to know rush of types of cases in coming days. This means you can know on which dates how many cases are listed for filing statement, arguments and cross-examination etc.

This feature would help you to effectively manage your time and know which days are heavy so that you can plan your working more effectively

History of Proceedings

1. Firstly, click on create cases and enter details of case like Case Title, case number, court name, judge name, stage, fixed for, client name and client phone number

2. Then, set next date on which case is listed.

3. Then, click on diary cases for today will be listed

4. Then, take print out of list of cases for the day.

5. Then, You can set next date of cases and send SMS to client informing him date so fixed

6. Cases in which next date is fixed would be listed automatically on that date.